Therapy & Support Groups for Partners of Sex Addicts

Available in both morning and evening sessions, Giezelle offers group sessions at Mayfair Counselling for individuals who are in a relationship with someone struggling with sexual addiction. Please note, it is strongly advised that those individuals who are signing up for a Support Group have had 1 to 2 individual sessions with Giezelle.

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Giezelle Pash - Mayfair Counselling Calgary

Individual Workshops

To assist those who have experienced trauma, Mayfair incorporates the model of Pia Mellody. Giezelle has trained extensively in her techniques that effectively assist clients resolve childhood traumas that impact their current adult relationships.

*Dates for trauma workshops are determined between you and Giezelle following your initial appointments.

Couples’ Boundary Workshops
(from the work of Pia Mellody)

These workshops are also offered to those clients with childhood wounds that are constraining their adult relationships. This boundary workshop is designed, to quote Pia Mellody, specifically for couples to assist them “in living less in reaction” and to communicate more effectively. To quote Pia Mellody, the Couples’ Boundary Workshop will help couples “speak to be known and listen with curiosity”.

Guided by the therapist, each workshop is comprised of 2-3 couples working together simultaneously. Couples are taught to (in the words of Pia Mellody) “Speak to be known and listen with curiosity,” drawing valuable insights and benefits.

Once a client has expressed need and interest in a couples’ boundary workshop, Giezelle will make every effort to coordinate a group session as quickly as possible (typically within 2-3 weeks). Please note, it is strongly advised, those couples interested in signing up for the Couples’ Boundary Workshop, have had 1 to 2 individual and/or couples sessions with Giezelle.

Would you and your partner benefit from a Couples’ Workshop? Ask yourself the following questions:

Couples boundary Workshops Calgary

  1. When you and your partner fight, does it take days before you speak to one another again?
  2. Do you know how to fully support your partner where it hurts emotionally (and do it often consciously or even unconsciously)?
  3. Do problems arise because either of you regularly get defensive?
  4. Do you find yourself turning your back towards your partner?
  5. When your partner is in pain, do you move towards them to provide comfort or do you become distant?
  6. During an argument, do you raise your voice in front or name-call in front of your child?