Divorce rates are at an all time high. Especially today, when often both people in a marriage are working, daily life is busy and quality time is scarce. Pair this with a high-tech society, where anything is available at our fingertips and we find that (to quote Susan Johnson) “Technology has put intimacy on the run.” This sadly leads to difficulties with boundaries, and Mayfair Counselling specializes in addressing situations where unions need special care. Many of the people that come to Mayfair Counselling are coming at a critical time, when the relationship has reached the breaking point. Giezelle believes that divorce is not the simple answer, and that most marital problems are solvable. The approach taken is called solution oriented brief therapy, encouraging couples to focus on doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Giezelle has incorporated some of the beliefs and treatment plans known as “Divorce-Busting ®,” made famous by Michelle Weiner-Davis. She also follows Pia Mellody’s model of effectively assisting clients in resolving childhood traumas that impact their adult relationships.

Mayfair Counselling also offers daytime and evening therapy/support groups for partners of sex addicts.Need help to save your marriage? Call 403.259.8301.